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AC Maintenance In Pico Rivera, CA

AC Maintenance in Pico Rivera, Whittier, Downey, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Hybrid Air Conditioning & Heating Inc’s AC Maintenance

Any competent homeowner understands how important it is to keep up with their home. Most homeowners rely on their heating and air conditioning systems to keep their families comfortable on hot summer days and freezing winter nights. It’s essential to have the AC serviced and running correctly, just like any other investment in your home. Regular AC maintenance visits from a skilled HVAC provider will help your air conditioner lasts as long as possible. Contact Us Today for AC Maintenance in Pico Rivera, Whittier, Downey, CA, and Surrounding Areas.


The Importance Of Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance

  • Lower energy costs: The better your air conditioning machine is maintained, the more efficiently it will operate.
  • Increase system efficiency: The fewer obstacles between your system’s perfect working condition and optimal performance, the better. When minor issues are identified and remedied, your system can perform to its maximum potential. It translates to higher system efficiency and lower energy costs while more effectively cooling your home.
  • Extend the life of AC: An air conditioner loses roughly 5% of its efficiency each year if it is not maintained correctly. Regular maintenance will enable experts to identify and resolve any minor concerns swiftly. When tiny problems are discovered early on, they are less likely to turn into significant issues, resulting in a more efficient system.
  • Maintain your air conditioner’s warranty: Several warranties require that your air conditioner be maintained regularly. You’ll be compelled to pay for a repair that could have been avoided or covered totally if you have a problem.
  • Prevent costly repairs: Small problems are generally detected during routine maintenance inspections, and they can usually be rectified quickly and cheaply. Minor faults that go overlooked or ignored will most likely grow into larger problems that may necessitate significant repairs or system replacement.

Checklist For HVAC System Maintenance

Most HVAC companies recommend that homeowners clean or replace their air filters regularly between annual visits. When your filter is clogged and dirty, your system works harder and consumes more energy. As a result, you’ll see an increase in your monthly cost. It boosts your electricity bill, but it will also increase the likelihood of your entire system failing.

The following is a list of AC maintenance tasks that should be completed at least once a year. The air filter, which should be replaced at least once every two months or as needed, is the only exception:

  • Change the air filter
  • Evaporator and condenser coils should be clean
  • The drain line and drain pan should be inspected and cleaned
  • Lubricate blower and condenser fans
  • Examine the wiring and controls in the electrical system
  • Make sure the thermostat is working correctly
  • Air registers and ducting should be inspected and cleaned

Homeowners should have their air conditioners tested and repaired yearly. Regular maintenance may go a long way in ensuring that your system runs well and does not break down when you are not expecting it.

Your AC system will last as long as possible if serviced annually by a trained HVAC specialist. Contact Hybrid Air Conditioning & Heating Inc to avail of excellent AC maintenance.

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